Little Mix Say Hello October 06 2019, 0 Comments

Little Mix Say Hello

On our ‘About Us’ page, we mention Corporate Social Responsibility – giving something back to the community. From the sales of our designer-look bags, tote bags, clutch bags and fashion accessories, we like to do what we can for charity.

One of the charities we support is a youth club in Castle Vale, Birmingham – run on a voluntary basis by Managing Director David’s son Luke.

Luke spends much of his time supporting the ‘Young Stars’ – a club formed to keep kids busy and off the streets. It’s a very low-cost drama club where the children work together to put on shows. From the funds raised by their performances, the money then goes to help others with disabilities or life-threatening illnesses.

Little Mix Drop by 

Unknown to Luke, a family friend nominated him for recognition of his charity work, to the TV programme ‘Surprise Surprise’. This involved a visit to the club from the band Little Mix, who visited, unknown to Luke, in order to make a video and meet the kids he worked with.

Fast-forward a few months later, and Luke is in the audience of Surprise Surprise. He thinks he’s there just to watch the show, but when the video they’d previously made was shown on the screen, it dawned on Luke that he was the subject of that section of the programme!

And, by the time Leigh-Ann Pinnock sat on his lap – he’d really got the message.  Luke was utterly shocked but delighted, but thrilled at the publicity this would bring the club.

ITV then went on (after the show) to help Luke secure a tenancy at a venue in Castle Vale, so he could continue his work with the children. And that is why we support charities like Luke’s. It’s life-changing work – and we’re very proud of him.