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The Company Story

Sky Blue Trading

We set up in 2011 with the aim of providing quality ladies jewellery, and fashion accessories at affordable prices. We searched high and low for the ranges that would appeal to people with all kinds of tastes, From luxurious diamond pendants to the latest fashion styles from our diamond ring   range of designer brands, the perfect pendant can update any look instantly. Each one is chosen by our expert buyers with love and attention, to make sure you love them too

With a background in sales, both managing directors David and Leo knew how to sell, but the learning curve was tackling their understanding of the internet! “You can get it right, or you can get it wrong,” says David McLean, “and from product sourcing, through to how we presented our jewellery , necklace and diamond rings, we took our time.

“Photography is another thing that’s vital to get right. It’s important that people can see how good the products are. There’s no point in presenting something badly. We have wonderful diamond rings, bracelets, pendant, tote necklaces and so much more.”

And now, the customers are growing. We receive lovely feedback, and it makes us genuinely happy to know we’re doing a good job. Of course, we’re always open to hearing suggestions for improvements too. Just find us on Twitter or Facebook (buttons at the bottom of the site).

Thanks for now  - Dave and Leo.